Kearney Competitive Girls Softball Association


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Dmilaco Black 8 & Under Coach: Luke Dutcher
CNSA White 10 & Under Coach: Jon Ruyle
Nebraska Krush 10 & Under Coach: Ben Seim
Dmilaco Black 12 & Under Coach: Jessica Thoene
Nebraska Krush '07 12 & Under Coach: Tammy Becker
Dmilaco Red 12 &Under Coach: Holly Carnes
Aftershock 14 & Under Coach: Tara Kolbo
Nebraska Krush 14 & Under Coach: Todd Parr
Dmilaco Red 14 & Under Coach: Angie Biddlecome
NE Moonlight Madness 16 & Under Coach: Paul Mills
Dmilaco Black 16 & Under Coach: Mike Heins ***Looking to add a PITCHER for 2020. Contact Mike at 308-627-3838 for private tryout.***
Dmilaco Red 16 & Under Coach: Dale Bean

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