What is the Kearney Competitive Girls Softball Association?

The Kearney Competitive Girls Softball Association (KCGSA) is a membership of individuals promoting amateur softball for girls who play on competitive teams organized in Kearney, Nebraska. Members of the association consist of coaches, umpires, fans, parents, and guardians of players who will be playing for a competitive team under the KCGSA.

A Board of Directors governs the KCGSA and sets rules and by-laws to be followed by all members and determines if players and coaches are in compliance.

Further information regarding the mission and rules of the KCGSA can be found in the Bylaws section.

The City of Kearney Park and Recreation department requests softball teams to be part of Kearney Girls Softball Association-KGSA or Kearney Competitive Girls Softball Association-KCGSA. In order to gain field use you must be part of one of these groups. No Field rental fee is charged to KGSA or KCGSA. For teams that choose not to be part of one of these groups, KPR will charge a fee for field use.

What is a Coach?

Some may ask, “What exactly is a coach?” Well, the World Wide Web offers the following definition: “In sports, a coach is an individual involved in the direction and instruction of the on-field operations of an athletic team or of individual athletes.

Coaching entails the application of sport tactics and strategies during the game or contest itself, and usually entails substitution of players and other such actions as needed. Most coaches are former participants in the sports in which they are involved, and those who have had extensive training in the sport in question.”

Coaches not only have the responsibility of teaching the fundamentals of their chosen sport, but they are entrusted to guide the athletes as individuals, as well as offer an example of behavior for the team to follow. While different sports, as well as the different sports organizations that coaches work for, all have their own set of rules and regulations, there are a few fundamentals that all coaches are expected to follow.

For example, all coaches are expected to abide by the particular laws that govern their sport, and to make sure that the athletes do so as well. In sports, there also exist unwritten rules of sportsmanship and ethics that all coaches are expected to follow and enforce with their team. These ethical standards cover such things as fair play and the integrity of the team as well as the individual athletes.

Coaches must ensure that their players are safe and protected during games as well as during practices. They are expected to provide and maintain a drug free environment, act as a role model both on and off of the playing field, ensure respectful conduct in themselves and among the players. Coaches are also expected to keep current on any new provisions that might come into being that relates to the sport they are coaching.

Being a coach in sports is not an easy job, but it does have the potential to be a rewarding one.

Putting a Team Together

  1. Find coaches
  2. Determine Age Division
    • Player cannot be older than the age division on January 1st. (i.e. if player is 8 years old and her birthday is January 2, she is still eligible to play in the age division)
  3. New Teams
    • Fill out New Coach/Team Application Form and send to President.
    • Attend a KCGSA quarterly meeting and pledge your team to be a member of KCGSA and that you agree to the By-laws, Coaches Handbook and USA & USSSA rules.
    • If coach is approved by the Board Members and passes background check, he/she has 60 days or prior to the first sanctioned event or practice to present an acceptable roster of at least 9 players. Field use will not be granted until this is done.
  4. Hold Tryouts
    • Set a date for tryouts.
    • Contact the Association president or assigned scheduler and have him/her reserve the respective field for the appropriate date and time.
    • DO NOT CONTACT PLAYERS FROM ANOTHER TEAM AND ASK THEM TO JOIN YOUR SOFTBALL TEAM, if a player comes to your tryout, then you can contact that player.
    • Decide on players and contact them in an appropriate time frame.
    • KCGSA requires that 80% of each team roster must be made up of girls that do not live in a town that has its own competitive softball association and that live within a 40-mile radius of Kearney.
  5. Certifications and Background Checks
    • Do Background check first. (USA Softball Website) This is required for all adult in dugout and must wear the badge in dugout – ($9.00 charge). After approval of background check, then continue on Safe Sport and the Ace Certification ($25-$30).  Print your receipts to turn in for reimbursement.  All coaches must be ACE certified before Insurance will be issued for your team.  This is a USA softball regulation.
  6. Board Representation
    • Designate a Parent Representative that will serve as a General Proxy for your team.  The General Proxy Form must be completed annually. (This is used if the Head Coach is unable to attend the board meetings).
  7. Important Documentation
    • Mandatory Forms that need turned into the Executive Board by March 15th of every year
  8. Miscellaneous
    • It is suggested that you obtain a $50 non-refundable deposit from each player, when they commit to your team, payable to KCGSA, and present to the Treasurer.  This will cover the cost of insurance and association fees in the event they change their mind down the road. 
    • USA Team Insurance must be submitted to Scheduler and approved by KPR before your team is approved field/practice time. 

Further information on KCGSA membership rules and compliance can be found in the By-laws. Refer to our website https://kearneycompetitivesoftball.com/forms/ for helpful information and links.

Finding a Sponsor

The coach is the manager of the team and has the responsibility of finding a sponsor or group of sponsors for the team.

Some teams prefer to have one sponsor. This sponsor has the option to provide uniforms with the company/business name. This sponsor may also assist in supplying other team logoed apparel or help in the purchasing of equipment. Whatever the case, the coach and the sponsor will work out the details of the sponsorship. Other monetary assistance may be provided but will be determined by the sponsor.

Other teams prefer to have a host of sponsors. These sponsors usually provide monetary funds and are listed as a sponsor of the team on a banner that is displayed at all games. These teams usually have a generic name, not that of a particular business.

In either case, the sponsor(s) do not dictate where the team funds are spent, nor do they dictate scheduled practice/field time or game times. This information will be run through the KCGSA.

Team Uniforms & Fan Apparel

  • Team uniforms and team colors will be determined by the coach(s) and the corporate sponsor if there is only one company/ business sponsor.
  • Fan gear will be determined by the coach and either the Corporate sponsor or the fan gear supplier selected by the coach.

Team Funds, Player Registration Fees & USA Insurance

Team funds

  • Team funds consist of all player’s registration fees, sponsorship money, and any fundraising events held by the team. By being a member of the KCGSA, a portion of the Kearney Klassic softball tournament will be awarded to the team. The Klassic profits will NOT be transferred until all checks have cleared the bank and the profits will be divided equally between all participating KCGSA teams and the KCGSA General Fund.
  • Each team has their own ‘account’ within the KCGSA account.
  • The coach and/or team representative of each team are responsible for assuring members have paid their fees and submitted the required medical form and player consent/concussion form to Treasurer. Failure to pay the fees and submit the required forms by the specified deadline will result in disciplinary action as deemed necessary by the EX Board Member.
  • The KCGSA Treasurer will be responsible for depositing funds and paying all expenses out of the team’s account.
  • Team funds will be used to pay association player fees, tournament fees, umpire fee, USA insurance, purchase team equipment and any other miscellaneous items determined necessary by the coach.
  • KCGSA Treasurer will be monitoring the team account and has the right to question expenses. By October 1st of each year, team balances need to be $0.00 or greater. For more information on this, refer to the By-Laws.
  • Monitor team accounts – VERY Closely. The Treasurer will send monthly updates of your funds.

Player Registration Fees

  • The current required registration fee for all players is determined by the coach.
  • Individual payments (registration fees) MUST BE MADE BY CHECK OR MONEY ORDER. Payable to KCGSA, and presented to the Treasurer.
  • An Association fee per player is determined each year at the annual meeting in October and transferred to the KCGSA General Fund April 1st of each year based on each player listed on the NE USA form. This fee is to help the Association fund improvements to the batting cages and shed as needed, support a scholarship awarded to graduating seniors and any other expense deemed necessary by the KCGSA board.

USA Insurance

  • Each team is required to take out USA insurance on all players and at least one coach. You will need to pay this with Paypal or your own credit card. Make copies of this: 1) one to place in the Head Coach binder, and 2) one to submit to the Treasurer for reimbursement.
  • Insurance is to be purchased before 1st practice is scheduled.
  • USA insurance covers the player from September 1 thru August 31 of the following year.
  • Insurance cards will be given to the coach.

Example of Team Budget

Scheduling Practices & Games

Practice and Game field use is done by a drawing process at our quarterly meetings with all coaches: March will draw for summer field use, August will draw for Fall field use, and October teams draw for Indoor facility thru the winter. After the drawing is complete and additional time is needed by your team, notify the scheduler of open times your team would like.

  • Fill out State Tournament Registration Form – give to District Junior Olympic Commissioner.
  • Set up league games and register to participate in tournaments.
  • After league games, make sure bases are put away and lights are turned off at field and all trash is picked up.

Important Dates to Remember

  • Attend a quarterly meeting and pledge your NEW team to be a member of KCGSA.
  • USA Insurance is to be purchased before 1st practice is scheduled. Insurance covers the player from September 1 thru August 31 of the following year.
  • March 15th – Deadline for all teams to have roster of at least 9 players and Mandatory Forms (page 5)
  • April 1st – A fee per player is transferred into General Fund based on girls listed on the NE USA form.
  • April 30th – All player fees collected and turned in to Treasurer.
  • October 1st – team balance need to be $0.00 or greater.


Birth Certificates and Photo

This information was taken off the Registration form for Districts and State Tournaments, so that you know what to expect.

Check-In:  One (1) hour before the first game at the complex.  Coaches must have proof of age and photo of each player competing in the tournament.  Acceptable documents include:  birth certificates, baptismal certificates, hospital certificate, driver’s license or court-approved documents and photocopies are acceptable.

JO Teams Eligibility Requirements:

  • All JO teams must have at least one (1) ACE Educated coach (current year) on the field/dugout, highly recommended to have two (2).
  • ALL adults on the field/dugout must have a USA Softball background check (current year).
  • ALL adults on the field/dugout must be Safe Sport certified (current year).
  • All JO team personnel adults on the field/dugout MUST VISUALLY DISPLAY proof of their USA Softball background check (current year).
  • ALL adults on the field/dugout MUST show their USA Softball ACE/Background Card at check-in as well as to the umpires during the plate meeting before EVERY game.