2017 Team Achievements

NE Krush 8U Ben Seim, Head Coach

Krush Spring Fling, OPEN, 1st place

Midwest Showdown, 2nd place

Kearney Klassic, OPEN, 2nd place

State, 1st place

NE Krush 10U Anna Gregory, Head Coach

Krush Spring Fling Saturday, Kearney NE, OPEN, 2nd place

Hastings Hitfest, 4th place

Bair Reinmiller, 6th place

Pitch for the Cure, 2nd place

NW Illusion Blast, Silver bracket 4th place

Kearney Klassic, OPEN, Silver bracket 2nd place

DMilaco Red 10U Alex Schmidt, Head Coach

District, C, 1st place

State, C, 6th place

Aftershock 12U, Tara Kolbo Head Coach

District 7, C, 3rd place

State, C, 7th place

NE Krush 12U Dan Gregory, Head Coach

Boo Bash, OPEN, Silver bracket 1st place

Krush Spring Fling ASA, Kearney NE, OPEN, 1st place

USSSA Pitch for the Cure, 3rd place

CB Firecracker, 1st place

USSSA State, B, 7th place

DMilaco Red 12U Angie Biddlecome, Head Coach

MayHem, 4th place

Kearney Klassic, OPEN, 2nd place

Battle of the Bats, 2nd place

USA State, 4th place

USSSA State, B, 3rd place

Qualified World Series

DMilaco Red 14U, Head Coach Dale Bean

Kearney Early Bird, 1st place

Kelly's Tournament, Norfolk NE, Gold Bracket 2nd place

Synergy Tournament, Gold Bracket 2nd place

Districts, , 1st place

Arvada Firecracker Classic, 1st place

ASA State, C, 2nd place

DMilaco Black 16U Ray Dietz, Head Coach

Illusions Blast Tournament, 1st place

Synergy Memorial Day Tournament, 2nd place

Kearney Klassic, 1st place

June Bug Jam, 1st place

Marvin Swanson Alzheimers Awareness Tournament, 2nd place

USSSA State, B, 5th place

Krush 18U Kellee Vornhagen, Head Coach

Kearney Klassic, 1st place

Sioux Falls International Ringneck Tournament, Gold Bracket 1st place

World Fastpitch Nationals in Myrtle Beach

Congratulations on a great season!

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